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Çamlıca Label Roll Co. About

Our company was established in 1992 for the manufacture and sale of cash register rolls. For many years, our company has taken its place among the important firms of the industry by moving forward with strong steps. Our company, which started to work on barcode systems automation in 1999, started label manufacturing in 2000 and soon became one of the leading companies in the sector.

More than what you expect

Our company has started to sell guaranteed labels for the first time in the sector which gives priority to quality and customer satisfaction. Our company, which is behind the produced products, has committed to take back the products unconditionally in case is in not desired quality.

Our company has an annual production capacity of about 12.000.000 m2 self adhesive paper processing capacity with daily production. Our company is renewing itself to provide better service to its customers following the latest developments in the sector and lastest technologies.

Our company has a wide machine collection in order to serve the customers as fast as the term due to the fact that the product we produce as much as the quality required by the industry is very important. Our company has a wide range of products related to the sector. It also has the capacity to process 48,000,000 m2 of thermal and sensitive papers.

Çamlıca Label Roll Co.